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Do you need a dog trainer?

If you have an unruly pet or just want to get the most out of your dog-owning lifestyle, we are here to offer a compassionate and professional dog training service in Maitland and Newcastle. Difficult dogs need training and good dogs deserve it, either way, with our help, your life with dogs will only get better from here.


Settled and Secure

Start fresh with your troubled pup

If you have a troubled dog with issues, don't despair. So many have been in your position before and it's not an insurmountable problem. 

From reactivity to anxiety, we have you covered. From destructive behaviour to biting, breathe deeply and give me a call. 

Lifestyle Pet

Dog Obedience to suit your lifestyle needs.

Whether you want a pet that can be anywhere with you or you just want a dog that doesn't pull you on leash, your dog needs to learn some new behaviours.


Creating well behaved dogs out in public requires a dog that has impulse control, can switch off and relax when needed and understands a basic shared language.  

Sensational Start

Starting your pup off on the right paw

Puppies are always learning, so be sure that you are the one teaching them! 

Learning through play is the best way to pick up new skills and we have you covered with fun games galore. Your puppy will think you are entertainment central and you'll have a relationship to envy.


Don't wait, Get in Touch

Fill out this form or just give me a call, we can book an initial consult and begin your journey.

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