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If you have an unruly pet or just want to get the most out of your dog-owning lifestyle, we are here to offer a compassionate and professional dog training service in Newcastle and Maitland, NSW. Difficult dogs need training and good dogs deserve it, either way, with our help, your life with dogs will only get better from here.


Obedience Training

We offer one on one, in home dog training services to allow you a convenient and comfortable way for you and your dog to learn,

Things like come when called, stay, mannerly greetings, being relaxed and calm in public are all skills that require you and your dog learn new things and one on one training is the best way to do it.


Behaviour Modification

Anxiety and Aggression are distressing behaviours that are best dealt with at home. If you have a dog who is scared or reactive, having a trainer come to you can make sure you and your dog are comfortable and learn the skills you need before heading out.

Dog Trainer Newcastle Maitland

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Click below to see what our clients say about us and the service we provide! We are so proud of them and their dogs. This work is about the trust that develops between us and you, the client, first and foremost. Only then can the dog be trained and goals accomplished!

Dog Trainer Newcastle Maitland

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