About Me

Lucy is the owner and founder of Commitment 2 Canines - Maitland and Newcastle.  

My Story:

My passion for animals was apparent in my first ever job as a kennel hand at a vet clinic during high school. I left after 4 years in order to attend University but this academic life was missing something. I was studying biology at a molecular level, but it wasn't satisfying. I wanted to work with living, breathing animals again. 

I got my Vet Nursing Certificate in 2015 and have been a dedicated Vet Nurse since. This gives me a well-rounded understanding of everything that affects your dog - body and mind. 

When I struggled with my own dog, I needed to learn more about dog behaviour and completed my Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the NDTF. After realising that veterinary clients were having the same problems that I had learned to solve, I began to offer to help them as well. 

I bring the compassion and humility that comes from having been in your shoes, I have suffered how you suffer now, and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I love learning and will never stop finding new and better ways to help others achieve great relationships with their dogs.

In my spare time, I learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which I find is a great way to maintain my physical and mental health as well as improving my timing, presence of moment and mindfulness that are such useful skills for Dog Training. 

With my own dogs I'm working on many of the components of GRC dog sports, an amazing up and coming sport that allows any breed to strive and thrive, aiming to fulfil biological needs in the dog and promoting Socially Responsible dog ownership above all else.

Lifelong Learner

Bringing you the benefit of the most up to date seminars and learning from within Australia and all over the world. Dog training is an evolving art and there is still so much to learn, so I attend as many seminars and courses as I can to ensure I'm delivering up to date content to my clients.

Certificate III Dog Behaviour and Training

National Dog Trainers Federation 2017

                Long term alumni in Susan Garrett's                         Recallers and Inner Circle 

Jay Jack Seminar - Play as the way 2019

Social Responsibility and GRC Sport Foundations

Pat Stuart - NePoPo Seminar 2019

Australian Pet Dog Trainers Conference 2019

Our training philosophy:

We like to focus on teaching dogs to do things. When it comes to unwanted behaviours, we train alternative ones! This allows us to have heaps of fun training and grow the bond between you as we do.

We work towards helping owners understand their dogs, how they think, why they do the things they do. This leads to a more harmonious relationship, leading to a better life together.