Dog Training Classes

These are Group Classes with a difference. 

Focus on real-world skills your dog will need to be a well-mannered member of the public. 

If you want your dog to be able to go with you everywhere, this is the class for you!

This is a supportive environment where the emphasis is not on the one way to do something, it's a space for us to learn together and from each other. 

Growth in classes is measured in a similar way to martial arts gradings, encouraging you to learn and progress at your own pace but reach for the very highest standard you can achieve with your dog-human team

we value


Building community requires respect and kindness. We aim to uphold this between you and your dog and between human-dog teams. 

Leadership is important in dog training, but not in the way the old hat Dominance based systems would have you believe.

True leadership comes not from having power over others, but instead empowering others to reach their potential and inspiring them to develop internal power.

We apply this to the dogs we train and the people we teach.

we Value


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we value


Reaching towards our potential relies on the courage to show up again and again regardless of failure or disappointment. 

When building a relationship with another species, inevitably things will not always go as planned and our expecations may not be met immediately.

We will help you find the strength, courage and resilience to show up each week to commit to your dog again and again. 

Join our Community!

We'd love to invite you and your dog to join us at one of our Dog Dojo locations

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If you're not sure whether group classes are for you, book a free phone consult to discuss your needs with us!

Stockade Hill Park, Maitland



ADVANCED 10:40AM-11:40AM

Jesmond Park



ADVANCED - 3:40PM - 4:40 PM