One on One Dog Training

In home, private lessons are convenient and practical!

The first step is to book in for a free phone consultation!

After you book your time, you will have the ability to fill out the client questionnaire, this lets me know why you're struggling and how it's affecting your life. The phone consult will then give us a chance to connect and make sure you're happy to go ahead with booking an in-person consultation.

This first in-person consult usually runs for 1.5 to 2 hours, because it is jam-packed with information and involves some questions, evaluations and of course, foundational training.

Success in dog training whether for rehabilitation or great obedience training requires strong relationships. The relationship between trainer and client allows you to get the best information and inspires you to do the daily work required. That between the trainer and your dog creates trust and also the belief of what is possible.

That relationship between you and your dog is what will flourish as a result. It's a team effort and I'm on your side!

Read more below about how we can help you or just get in touch so we can talk.

I'm so excited to meet you and your dog!


Dog on Blue

If you're struggling, don't know what to do, don't know where to start - Book Now

Behaviour Consultations

Snarling, Lunging, Barking - This isn't your dog, but it's all people see! At home he's sweet as pie, where did it come from and how can you make it stop?

The neighbours are complaining about barking and howling, your house is a mess with chewed furniture. You just want her to feel happy in her own home.

I know you feel frustrated and sad and I want to help. No one likes seeing their dog that way and it's so humiliating! Not to mention the financial drain destructive behaviour can cause. Well, not any more...

Manners and Training

Cafes, Markets, Camping - Oh My! 

We don't get dogs to have a  fun lawn ornament, but maybe they don't listen outside and you have to leave them at home.

You want a dog that fits right into your lifestyle, so they can be a proper part of the family. A well-behaved dog can be included more often in the lifestyle and activities you are involved in. Even if that's just coming to watch kids play sport on the weekend.

These things don't come naturally and dogs in public places need skills to help them relax and cope with the business of life outside the yard. 

Puppy Programs

Look out, someone just got a new puppy! Getting a trainer involved as early as possible can make the difference between problems or perfection. No one who has a difficult time with their dog ever thought that would be the case, they all waited to see how things would turn out and hoped for the best. Don't wait for disaster to strike, prevention is better than the cure.


Learning through play is the best way to pick up new skills and we have you covered with fun games galore. Your puppy will think you are entertainment central and you'll have a relationship to envy.

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