Custom Hand Made Weight Pull Harness 50mm Webbing and Fleece

Designed with Canine Resistance Training and GRC in mind, with a longer channel to allow full stride as well as optional D ring on the top of the harness.

We design our harness with a PVC coated webbing for the weight attachment that is waterproof and more durable then simply webbing alone. It also allows for the replacement of that piece should it get a lot of wear from all the kickass drag work you and your dog are doing.

Measurements must be done carefully as per the video on the shop page, that video provides descriptions of the following measurements so you understand what they mean, this is vital. Provide measurements as follows:

A: Chest around neck to Elbow

B: Chest to Front Leg

C: Chest to Rear

D: Hip to Ground

Use this format : A  36cm, B 18cm,C 46cm,D 32cm

Weight Pull Harness XL Basic

Webbing 50mm
Fleece Colour
  • This Product has 50mm Webbing, Flat Neck and Fleece Lining