Private Dog Training Provides

You with Tools that Last a Lifetime

Your puppy deserves the best private dog training. Commitment 2 Canines works one-on-one with you and your pet in a safe and supportive manner and offers you tools you can apply for a lifetime. Discover why the techniques we use are fun and productive.

Benefits of In-Home Puppy Training

Choosing the best format to train your puppy can be challenging due to the plethora of options you have. You can purchase a book, join a group class, or buy a DVD. Deciding what is best for you may be less complicated when you discover the advantages of in-home dog training.

  • When you solicit the help of a professional trainer at your home, your puppy receives the trainer’s undivided attention. You can choose specific issues you want to focus on and develop a plan that suits your dog’s needs. It also gives your dog the option to experiment with different ideas, making it more fun for both of you.

  • You can save money with an in-home dog trainer. While group lessons may be less expensive initially, cost savings increase in the long run because your puppy doesn’t have to move along at the pace of a group of dogs. If your dog learns quickly, your puppy can learn more and begin more advanced sessions, than would be possible in a group lesson.

  • When in the comfort of your home, your dog has better focus since there isn’t a world of new sights and smells that are distracting. For a shy and fearful dog, an in-home puppy trainer avoids the stress of interacting with other animals or people. Your dog can socialise with other animals at a later date when it’s more comfortable.


What sets Commitment 2 Canines Apart Regarding a Private Dog Trainer?

Our philosophy is a positive one. Rather than scold poor behaviour, we believe that redirecting the conduct towards a positive outcome is more rewarding for both puppy and owner. Learn why finding a qualified trainer is beneficial in both the short and the long term.

  • Most dog owners experience struggles at the early stages of a puppy’s life, and our experience with our dog was no different. However, no amount of schooling and certification can compete with owning a pet to learn about dog behaviour. After overcoming the challenges of a new puppy, our owner combined her medical training with newfound training in dog behaviour. Empathy is an excellent tool when teaching others and isn’t exclusive to humans.

  • We focus on prevention as much as changing poor habits. If you can catch issues when your dog is a puppy, you can change the trajectory of their behaviour. The more well-behaved your pet is at a young age, the more freedom both you and your puppy enjoy in the following years.

  • A private dog trainer is an investment. The techniques you learn today can be useful in decades to come, no matter how many dogs you have. A qualified dog trainer gives you the skills to work with your dog long after we leave.

We provide you with the tools to train your puppy. Our puppy training classes are your first step in a lifetime of rewards for you and your pet.

Avoid Future Behavioural Problems with Puppy Obedience Training

Owning a pet entails several responsibilities, one of them is puppy obedience training. Puppies must be trained in their foundation years as it instils excellent behaviour patterns that shape their personalities. It’s better that you avoid any behavioural problems rather than correcting it, hence you should be proactive instead of reactive.


Benefits of Puppy Training in Newcastle

When you decide to share your life with a pet, particularly a puppy, it’s one that brings joy. They bring happiness and unconditional love for their masters which never dies down. Pet owners usually opt for a puppy because they’re still young and will grow into the family. However, adding a puppy to your home requires extra responsibility on your part as an owner. Dogs look to their masters for guidance on how to behave and interact. Training them at a young age brings with it several benefits.

  • A puppy training course assists with controlling your canine friend and turns them into the perfect companion. They will learn basic commands such as sit, stay, come, stop and quiet, allowing you to control your puppy. As a result, you won’t have problems taking your puppy out on social trips to the park or a public space that allows pets. These basic lessons teach puppies how to interact with other dogs which is crucial to maintaining peace in public. Furthermore, it prevents the need to lock them away when guests are visiting.

  • Early training has the potential to save your pet’s life as they age. Dogs that understand your commands are critical in instances where danger lurks. Animals also experience a degree of shock and tend to run when they’re scared. It’s common that puppies fear the sound of thunder and try running away from it; sometimes in front of approaching vehicles. It’s in these instances that their training according to your voice is crucial to saving their lives.

  • Obedience classes for puppies enable you to build a long-lasting bond with your best friend. Using positive reinforcement assists in gaining trust on both sides, developing mutual respect. This training ensures you’re happy as a pet owner and your mate understands your demands as a master. All the time you spend training your puppy builds your relationship and draws your pet closer to you and vice versa.

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Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Puppy Behaviour Training

Training a puppy isn’t a simple task. It requires time and effort on your part as the owner. However, life sometimes gets the better of you and you make mistakes when attempting to train your pet. Avoid these errors to ensure your relationship with your best friend is a healthy, loving one.

  • The first mistake people make is thinking they can do it all on their own. Hiring a puppy trainer with training and experience in the field is always recommended. Qualified trainers can read cues your pup gives off to determine their personality and what type of training they require. After a solid foundation with puppy training classes in Newcastle, then it’s appropriate to conduct training sessions at home.

  • Allowing the session to go on for too long. As humans, our attention span allows us to concentrate for around 30 minutes. Think back to sitting in university lectures that were 90 minutes long, after a while, your attention goes elsewhere. The same applies to puppies whose minds are still in the development phase. You must keep training to 15 minutes to hold their concentration.

  • Repeating the same order several times before your puppy obeys is a huge mistake. The goal is to have your best buddy understand your instruction and adhere to it after the first instance. Continuously instructing your puppy to sit without obedience is a sign that they’re confused. Instead, if your pet doesn’t obey after the first call, assist him with sitting, so he associates that cue with the action.

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Ensure Your Safety and Others with Online Dog Training

Every pet owner wants their best friend to be well behaved, but can’t find the time to do so,  which makes online dog training is the perfect solution.

Benefits of Online Puppy Training

Time, availability, and location can stand in the way of owning a well-behaved dog. A dog should be considered as a member of your family and as such, should have time invested in their training. This ensures their behaviour is up to a standard, and you can walk them freely in public without any unwanted behaviour. Opting for online training will bring you the same benefits as outdoor, social training. 

  • Online training is cost-effective. Taking your dog to physical classes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis requires you to travel. There are other costs associated with attending a physical class with your dog that you save on if consulting a professional online. Furthermore, the cost of online training should be far less than a one-on-one class in person.

  • Distance learning for dogs ensures the safety of everyone involved. Sometimes dogs get agitated around others and could end up causing fights during a physical class. That could lead to injuries sustained by other dogs or even their owners. Training your dog while they’re in the comfort of their own surroundings assists in preparing them for social interaction.

  • Using an online trainer to aid with your dog’s coaching provides you with a degree of flexibility. Usually attending a course requires you and the dog to be present for several weeks to graduate and complete the training. With other responsibilities such as work and family life, it’s difficult to fit dog coaching into the schedule. The online option offers you the ability to select when you’d like to train your pooch.


Tips Regarding an Online Dog Trainer

Selecting the appropriate dog trainer for your pet is essential. There has to be a positive relationship between the trainer, yourself and your dog, which will make it easier for your dog to learn.

  • Conduct your due research into dog trainers. Asking other pet owners who have used a particular trainer about their experience will assist in your decision. Another option is to ask the pet parent of a well-trained dog for the details of their dog trainer. Find out as much information about the trainer, such as their techniques and relationship with dogs.

  • Establish the goals you and your dog want to achieve with the trainer. It’s pointless teaching your dog lessons that they’ve already mastered. Evaluate your pet’s needs and communicate that to the trainer. After that, engage with the trainer to outlay the eventual goals of the online training course. 

  • Always seek and welcome feedback from the trainer. The ideal teacher has a great relationship with the dog and its owner. Clear communication is required on the part of the teacher to praise or correct your actions toward the dog. If they’re more interested in obtaining your credit card details rather than your pet’s behaviour, then you should look for another trainer.

Choose a Professional Dog Obedience Trainer with a Passion for Pets

Choosing the best dog obedience trainer is a significant decision for your pet. Commitment 2 Canines is passionate about dog training and ensuring you make the best decision. Knowing what to look for is the first step. Discover why dog training is essential and what to look for in a professional trainer.

Importance of Dog Obedience Training

Gone are the days of heavy-handed obedience commands that focus on punishment-based techniques. Today’s positive dog behaviour training is the preferred manner of teaching your pet constructive ways to interact with your family and other dogs. Discover why teaching your puppy practical lessons has life-long advantages for you and your dog.

  • You are commencing a lifelong bond with your dog when you begin dog behavioural training, which is why we promote positive reinforcement. When you reward the desired conduct from your pet, it motivates your dog to continue with the same behaviour, especially if you give them a treat. The most effective dog training in Newcastle happens when there is mutual trust between you, the dog, and the trainer. We believe that practising fear and intimidation is counterproductive while positive training is respectful of your pet. When you treat your dog humanely, a more substantial bond forms between the two of you. The result is that your dog will be more self-controlled and behave more predictably. It is a win-win for both of you.

  • Dog obedience training in Maitland builds a language of understanding between you and your pet. As you invest in the time to teach communication techniques, your dog will quickly fall into positive patterns of behaviour. You can instruct your dog to sit, and then use the command before crossing a street, opening a door, or introducing your pet to a new guest. Teaching your dog the command ‘come’ is invaluable when your pet is off-leash, as well when you’re ready to leave the house or want your pet to arrive for dinner. Simple hand gestures avoid the endless frustrations that occur if you haven’t trained your dog. Holding your hand above his head is an excellent signal when you want your pet to be calm and quiet. Teaching dog training in Maitland by using humane methods promotes a peaceful environment, ensuring years of positive play for your dog.

  • Ideally, obedience training should begin when your dog is a puppy when you can catch misbehaviours early in life. Discipline should be constructive rather than intimidating, and it should reinforce positive results. Use time-outs to remove your pet when your dog is getting out of hand. Ignoring behaviour you don’t like is more effective than raising your voice. Remember, dogs want nothing more than to please you. They can sense your disapproval and yearn to win back your love. It’s essential to remain consistent with them. Each time they misbehave, offer them patient guidance, so they’ll make the correct choice. The more you work with your pet, the more your dog will understand your language. 


Neglecting obedience training allows patterns of bad behaviour to develop, which can ruin your dog’s life. If your pet doesn’t know how to conduct himself, mistakes occur, and anger between you and your dog develop. Too often, people return their dogs because they can’t handle them. The issue at hand it that they didn’t take the time to find a professional dog trainer who will ensure your dog learns boundaries and adheres to general rules. The more your pet learns, the more secure it will feel, and a happier relationship will develop. We want you to have a life-long loving relationship with your dog, and obedience training ensures a positive path.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Dog Trainer in Newcastle

Choosing a trainer for your dog is a decision that could affect your pet for life. A trainer should bring positive energy. Both you and your pet should look forward to training together. Learn what to look for when consulting professionals for dog obedience training in Newcastle.

  • What is the chemistry between you and the dog trainer? Do you feel comfortable with them, and that you can trust the person? Be sure to trust your gut. Even if the trainer is perfectly reasonable, but you don’t connect, then it could be stressful. Look to your dog for clues. Is your pet having an enjoyable time on repeat visits? Is the tail wagging? You know yourself, and you know your dog. Make sure you are both comfortable and ready to spend hours with the trainer over the months to get the best return on your investment in the time ahead.

  • Does your trainer appear to be organised as well as flexible? If they run late and arrive with excuses, it may be a forewarning to their teaching techniques. You’ll get a lot more value out of someone who has a plan and sticks to it. At the same time, are they flexible and open to new ideas? You want a trainer that offers a delicate balance. Is he or she open to your thoughts, and are they strong enough to guide you towards better solutions if need be? Ask if your trainer offers more advanced dog training classes in Newcastle. You may want to continue to a higher level in the future. 

  • Is your trainer continually learning? Dog training is an evolving discipline. There is a myriad of seminars and courses that keep trainers up to date on the latest teaching techniques. Having baseline certifications is essential but having a lifelong interest in learning all they can in their discipline shows someone passionate about their field. You want a trainer who isn’t using the job to claim a pay cheque. Look for a trainer who attends seminars, takes classes, and reads a copious amount of material on dogs and training. When you have someone passionate in all areas of their field, your dog picks up on the energy. Your pet is highly sensitive and learns better from someone it trusts.

To get the most value for your money, invest in the time to choose someone well qualified and highly engaged in dog behaviour training in Newcastle. You want someone as passionate about your pet as you are.

About Commitment 2 Canines

Our goal is for you to have the best relationship possible with your dog. We focus on changing behaviours for positive results and rewarding good behaviour. When your dog is comfortable with boundaries and understands how you communicate, then both of you have the freedom to enjoy the relationship for your pet’s lifetime. We want to service your dog training needs, so why not look to us for the best dog training in Newcastle and Maitland? 


Please contact us for an initial consultation and begin training your pet today.