Pumpkin, Paddy and Bunja

It's been wonderful working with Lucy and our 3 cattle dogs. We were at our wits' end when we contacted Lucy and the situation felt completely out of control. We were close to surrendering one of our dogs back to the rescue he came from, and were scared to leave the dogs unsupervised. Since then, the dynamics between our three dogs have completely shifted from really volatile and sometimes violent, to now relatively calm and peaceful. With Lucy's guidance, I've learnt a lot about my dogs' personalities and behaviours, and how they interpret what the humans of the house are doing. I can better understand their triggers and anticipate their reactions. I feel like we're in a much better place now to manage our pack going forward and continue to encourage their good behaviour. It takes work and persistence, but Lucy has been such a great help!


Lucy, Kelpie Puppy

What life was like with your dog/s before you asked for my help

Out of control! We had little understanding of what her behavior meant and no strategies to deal with basic problems. This was difficult with 2 children under 5.

How would you describe your experience training with Lucy?

Lucy was amazing, very professional and willing to dedicate the time we needed. She was also very patient with all my questions. She left us with achievable strategies and goals, and a realistic understanding of what we could do with further work. She was also very generous with what she provided for our puppy to chew and consume in the following weeks.

The techniques to stop her barking at our activities in the garden have been particularly effective.

With two children under 5 and a puppy we didn't have good control of, life was chaotic and anxiety causing. In just the one lesson we have learned skills and seen an instant improvement to the point where the daily routines are manageable and enjoyable.

I feel Hopeful and proud. I feel some uncertainty in the ways i may be letting our dog down in not being consistent and attentive enough, but we've made so much improvement in a single lesson and we plan to continue with Lucy.

We would recommend them to caring and commited pet owners who lack the skills and knowledge to communicate and train their puppy. It was a confusing world of options when it comes to dog trainers and we feel lucky to have found Lucy.



Lucy has been an absolute treasure with everything that we’ve learnt from her training of our dog Eadie. Her methods are wonderful, very caring, supportive and patient. Eadie has come along in leaps and bounds and it’s all thanks to Lucy.



We are so thankful to have found Lucy for our reactive groodle, Sam. We were really nervous about seeking help for Sam but that was gone as soon as we got in touch with Lucy. From the get go Lucy was so lovely and not the least bit judgemental about having a reactive dog. The communication has been impeccable and extremely informative. Our very first session was amazing! Lucy made us all feel so comfortable and she was so thorough in explaining everything we needed to know. And that’s all with just one session! We can’t wait to get stuck in to Sams training and see what else Lucy has in stall for us! 🐶


Lucky and Lucy

Lucy really lives out the name in her actions and beliefs. She is well loved by our family and we are forever grateful for the time and care she invested into changing the lives of our dogs. Every day we spend time with our 2 gentle well trained dogs, we think of Lucy. She is a dog whisperer.



Lucy’s commitment & patience with dogs is a credit to her! We have had improvement already after only 1 meeting! I look forward to working with Lucy & having her provide me with the tools required to making our new family member fit in with our lifestyle. I would recommend Commitment 2 Canines to anyone looking for dog training.



I have procrastinated for a while about getting a professional in to help with my GSD but after our first session with Lucy I wished I’d contacted her sooner.As someone that hasn’t had much experience in training dogs, Lucy made it extremely easy for me to understand what we were trying achieve, what the issues were and how they came to be. There was no judgement whatsoever and it didn’t take long into the session to see her love for dogs and that I contacted the right person.She has even helped with dietary recommendations for our Zoe’s sensitive stomach issue!Would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone, especially to those out there like myself who feel a little guilty and keep putting it off and letting the behavioral issues get worse.



Really happy with the service from commitment to canines. Lucy is a great trainer, not only does she make you feel comfortable and relaxed, she explains things in an easy to understand way. She not only trains your dog but also you.s and we have come so far. Thank you so much.



My dog Harley and I had our first session today with Lucy. I must say Harley responded to training with Lucy so well and Lucy helped me gain confidence to carry out her training. We are so impressed we have signed up for another 8 sessions. As we all know there is nothing better than a well mannered puppy, I truely believe Lucy has the skill, knowledge and patience to help me obtain that goal. Thank you so much Lucy


Chip and Oscar

Lucy was wonderful with our dogs, she was confident and is obviously very passionate about what she does.We had Lucy around recently and she gave us tips we could implement straight away, she takes the time to get to know your family and your pets and creates lessons to suit. Thanks Lucy 😊

Oscar and Chip.jpg


Lucy is amazing at what she does, so patient and not only trains your pup but also you



Lucy is amazing!

Lucy has given us the confidence that with time and patience, and ongoing support, we will get the desired outcome for our rescue staffy, Simba.



I would recommend these guys to anyone. The professional and loving way my dog was treated is beyond compare. I look forward to our next lesson almost as much as Tilly my pup. We have both gained so much knowledge and life is much more fun in the backyard now. Thank you XX



Lucy was excellent with our Cattle dog. She was able to confirm lots of his behaviours and explain to us clearly what was happening. After so many strategies that didn’t work, using Lucy’s advice we have already seen some big changes. I wouldn’t hestitate to book Lucy in for a consultation - she is friendly, an excellent communicator but above all really understands animal behaviour.



I am so impressed with Lucy and what she has been able to do for our over excitable puppy! Not only was she able to help our pup become a more obedient family member, she was able to teach me to become a better owner.

Lucy was able to really take notice of our pets emotional needs and I was surprised at how she was able to almost speak for our puppy and what she was feeling. Her ability to acknowledge the depths of our dogs behaviour is something that has completely changed my perception of our puppy and how she chooses to interact with us. It has been fundamental in knowing how to work together for the best results.

There was a point where myself and my children couldn't go into our own backyard as we would get jumped on and bitten by a very over excited puppy, but now, our girl is calm and is showing such great manners and obedience, that soon, it won't be long till we can all enjoy our time outside playing together and keeping our pups anxiety and excitement to a minimum.

I highly recommend Lucy if you are struggling with some behavioural issues for your fur baby. She is a wealth of knowledge and her ongoing support and guidance has been invaluable!



Lucy is an absolute wealth of knowledge! She has a special way of simplifying dog behaviour which makes the training progress so much easier to understand. There is no judgement or rushing during consultations, but instead a fun, safe, informative environment for both owner and dog.Would recommend Lucy to anyone looking for some behavioural advice for their dog, no matter the situation your dealing with. She has an answer and solution for everything! 



We highly recommend Lucy, she is has a natural ability as a dog trainer. We have a reactive dog which makes life very stressful at times. Through Lucy’s guidance, we have learnt strategies to manage and change our dog's responses, with positive reinforcement, which has helped build a much better relationship between us and our dog. Lucy is reliable, patient and encouraging. We are so much better and happier for her mentoring.

Kelly, Bernard and Banjo



Lucy has such an incredible way with canines, and humans alike. It’s not always all about the dogs and the way they are behaving, usually it’s more training the humans. From the very first moment she walked in she had such a positive, friendly and compassionate demeanour, and was absolutely lovely to work with. The information we got from just the first session was amazing, and has already started on helping my dog be the best/happiest dog she can be. I can’t wait for our next session with Lucy! Thank you so much for your help so far!



Lucy is caring & exellent at her job I would highly recommend her. Our Puppy Riley just loves her he looked forward to seeing her every week.



Lucy simply put, gets dogs. She is patient and understanding and such a brilliant trainer. Highly recommended her training sessions!



Lucy has a lovely manner and easy to understand way of explaining dog behaviours. She is amazing with my puppy and he responds very well to her.We have booked her in for the sensational start program because her first visit was such a success and left me feeling optimistic that we can overcome some behaviours that need work. Looking forward to getting the best relationship with my dog with Lucy there to help 



Lucy was very informative for our first session. Really explained how and why we teach our dog certain things. We explained what we wanted from our dog and things we wanted to be able to achieve. Lucy started straight away with teaching us how to achieve our goals.Really looking forward to starting our program and getting our puppy to meet a happy and healthy life.



Lucy has the patience of a saint and puts up with all my mistakes with a smile and a laugh. So many good lessons and we have come so far. Thank you so much.


Maggie and Cosmo

I highly recommend working with Lucy. We have only had two sessions with her so far and in that short time my anxiety around introducing a puppy to an older dog has lessened and I’m understanding their behaviour more. Her extensive knowledge and ability to train the owner as well as the dogs is a wonderful quality to have in someone helping you. Not only does Lucy come to your home and work with your dogs in a familiar environment, she also offers online support as well. I look forward to more lessons with Lucy.



Lucy was very awesome and explained everything and made sure we understood what to do for on going training! I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone needing that little bit of extra help.



Lucy is amazing!

We had our first session with Lucy last week. So amazed at how passionate she is. Incredibly happy with how in depth she explains things and how much knowledge she has. Can’t wait to see what the next 12 months hold for Luna. 10/10 would recommend to anyone


Bandit and Yogi

Would highly recommend! Lucy immediately diagnosed the cause of our puppy issues and knew exactly how to handle it. She is genuine and is committed to helping your fur babies.