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Now Offering custom harnesses for canine resistance training or weight pull using sleds. 

These harnesses are designed with these purposes in mind so have a slightly longer channel to ensure a full stride. They fit high on the body allowing free movement of the hips and some extra handy features you'll see in the listings.

These are handmade so allow a bit of time for them to make their way to you.

Below is a video of how to measure you're dog for one of our harnesses, we ask for more detailed measurements then some other makers because the fit is extremely important to us for the comfort and support of your dog. In these activities, safety is of the upmost importance

For more information about canine resistence training visit www.canineresistancetraining.com

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How to measure your dog 

I know you're excited to head out into the wilderness with your dog but first, watch the video to learn how we want you to measure your dog for their harness.

A good fit is essential and thus the measurements are as well. In conjunction to the measurements which you can provide upon purchase, please upload a side view photograph of your dog to your account (Select your account at the top of the page and go to profile and upload a photo) or email it to commitment2canines@gmail.com

 If at any point during measuring you are unsure if you are doing it right, get in touch and we can help you. Don't submit measurements unless you are sure.

Measurements in pictures

Measurement A : Chest over neck to Elbow,   B: Chest Under Leg,    C: Chest to Rear,    D: Hip to Ground


Here is a visual guide to assist you in measuring for your walking or mill harness.

Provide measurements as follows:

A: From the Sternum to the back of the neck

B: From the Sternum to the bottom of the rib cage

C: Around the rib cage at that deepest point of the chest

D: From the back of the neck to where the band will rest on the back, in line with the deepest point of the chest.

Webbing Thickness

Suggested sizes for different dogs:

25mm (1") S-M

for dogs 1-15kg

38mm (1 1/2")

for dogs 15-30kg

50mm (2")

for dogs 30+ kg


(Rolled Neck)

Padded foam neck wrapped in tape. You can choose one or two colours to alternate.

This option adds padding and a certain look but has no bearing on the dog's performance.


(Custom fabric)

Patterned cotton will be sewn onto some parts of the harness to personalise it with fun prints.

I will email you to discuss fabric options that will look nice with your colour choices.

Add a D ring?

If you use a leash, particularly a long line or flexi with your harness, an additional D ring on top can be really handy to avoid confusion between whether the dog should be pulling or not, but maintain control.